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We work with Business Owners in a professional and confidential manner to sell their Business.

About Score Business Brokers

Score Business Brokers is a division of Thompson Marketing 2000 Ltd. we are an independently owned and operated Business Brokerage Firm. We work closely with our clients in a professional and Confidential manner to complete a successful sale of their Business. 


Our Experience

With over 35 years experience in owning, selling, buying and building Businesses, Score Business Brokers has successfully sold a wide variety of Businesses in Alberta and Western Canada. 



Ian Thompson is a certified Business Broker, with an excellent track record of successful sales of a wide variety of Businesses. Ian has owned and operated several Business so he understands Business and works closely with Business Owners from start to finish in the sale of their Business. We stress confidentiality to eliminate any adverse effect of premature disclosure of the sale to key employees, customers and suppliers.

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