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From experience, I know the hurdles a small business owner goes through when buying or selling a business. I am not a realtor, I am a Certified Business Broker . My job is to help you navigate through the process. I will bring you qualified buyers while maintaining confidentiality. You continue to concentrate on the day to day operations of your business while we work to sell your business........... Ian Thompson


This was our First time selling a business and Ian was amazing at dealing with the details on both sides of the sale. He located a Lawyer to do the paperwork and the costs were surprisingly low! Thank you Ian for all your help and we will definitely use you again in the future!

Boyd and Rebekah Campbell


Ian was great. I had never sold a business before. All the ideas I had were terrible. Finding Score was the way to go. He walked me through the process, explained everything, helped with a valuation, and found the perfect buyers. It was absolutely money well spent on my part. And Ian is such a personable guy; very easy to deal with and very attentive. There was never a day of inactivity. Great experience.

Pat McGuinness


I recently purchased a business from Ian. He is a very knowledgeable person. he explains to me all about business very well and helps me to find a lawyer to do my legal process. also, he was always calling me to know the update about the business process. and in the end, we had a really nice appreciation lunch. I would always recommend Ian for doing business with.

Piyushkumar Patel


I recently sold a business using Ian’s services and the whole experience was excellent. 
I was careful in choosing Ian as I had previously signed a 1 year contract with another broker and the experience did not go well.  The previous broker was trying to work the sale of my business using a system created corporately but did not consider some of the intricacies of my business.  This caused issues for both me and the prospective buyers.  They confused the buyers with fancy terms, inconsistent documentation that all lead to additional lawyer and accountant reviews that were expensive, unnecessary and didn’t produce a sale.  All of this could have been avoided if the broker would have done his job properly and spent the time to learn about my business and account for the differences in the first place.

Ian’s approach was far more efficient and helped the buyer and I come to an agreement quickly while still maintaining confidentiality as I was not prepared to announce a potential sale to my staff until it was done. 

I would use Ian’s services again!
Thanks Ian,
Stacy Miskue


Recently purchased a business through Ian. He set up good lines of communication early on and worked to broker the deal. Because of the open communication we were able to avoid excessive legal costs but we always knew where things were at in the process. He worked to keep the process moving and kept both sides accountable on deadlines. It was a pleasure working with Ian, and although I don’t plan to be in the market for a while I would happily work with Ian again.

Geremy Howe


Ian Thompson with Score Business Brokers was excellent to deal with and was of great assistance in closing the deal on my new liquor store.  He acted as a professional liaison for both sides of the deal and his attention to detail ensured strong communication through the entire process.  I recommend anyone that is considering buying a business or planning to sell their existing business contact Ian and use his services.  Lastly, I’m now a new business owner of a business that was represented in an honest fashion and I can say that the ‘new ownership’ transition has been very smooth and exactly what I was expecting.  Thanks Ian!

Darryl Melnyk


Ian did a great job of assisting us to sell our restaurant business in Red Deer. From sourcing the buyer to counselling both sides throughout the process, Ian was engaged and committed to making the deal happen while treating both sides fairly. The deal itself had a number of hiccups along the way but Ian remained steadfast in helping eventually get it across the goal line with value-added advice. If I was potentially selling another business I would contact Ian right away to help push the process to a favorable outcome.

Geoff Ready


"Ian Thompson is a real professional who pays attention to the small and large details and does an excellent job of keeping the deal moving forward as the parties inevitably face challenges with sometimes divergent interests. I would most definitely recommend his services to future parties looking to buy or sell a business"

Stephen Kushner


"Hi Ian, once again thank you for everything you have done for us in selling our business"

 Michael & Tammy


"We appreciate your great efforts in selling our business. Thank you for your honesty, loyalty and all the business services you offered. It is a pleasure dealing with you."

Wally & Rayda


​"You did an awesome job selling my business, thanks so much for your hard work"

 Ryan Gizowski


" Thank you Ian. The pleasure working with you is all mine. You have done a great job and I have already recommended you to a friend"

Khaled Obaia


"Thank you Ian for all your hard work to get my business sold. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I appreciate your professionalism throughout the entire process"



" Wow, we had our business listed with another broker for a year with no luck, and within 3 months you had it sold. Thank you for all your hard work"



Thank you Ian for your professionalism and experience through the entire transaction right from the very first meeting. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to seeing you from time to time in my cafe.



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